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It’s not always easy living life in today’s fast-paced, always-on, constantly-connected world. Juggling work, kids, family, friends and school can be a full-on crazee-fest.

We created Crazee Life in order to put something unique and positive out into the world. Something to remind us all to worry a little less, laugh a little more and enjoy the ride—even when all the spinning plates and Jenga blocks of life come tumbling down.

Because even in the hard times, there are great times. And often, those are the times that stand out most.

Our Crazee Story

Crazee Life was founded by father-daughter team, David and Ashley Kirchner—two people who juggle more than their fair share of crazee. As members of a large extended family (all running multiple family businesses), life feels like a high-wire act in a big tent above a pool of sharks. Their appetite for living and desire to take on new challenges means they often find themselves biting off more than they can chew. But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a shared love for printing, cool t-shirts and boutique clothing, David and Ashley started Crazee Life as a way to remind people, and themselves, to celebrate the hectic pace of everyday life and welcome the crazee with open arms. 

Sustainable Production, Sustainable Prosperity

You can feel as good as you look knowing Crazee Life shirts are manufactured using sustainable, eco-friendly methods with an unwavering dedication to creating a better future all:

  • We print all our shirts in our 100% solar-powered facility in Nashville, Illinois
  • We use only water-based, environmentally-friendly inks
  • We continue to make substantial investments to minimize our environmental impact
  • We believe in paying living wages to our beloved staff
  • We give our own brand of good crazee back to the community

We’ve always believed in doing what’s right and in the idea of leaving something better than you found it. It may cost a little more, but it's worth every penny.

Are you ready to embrace the Crazee Life? Hop on board and join us for the ride.

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